Monday, December 07, 2009

My Darlings...

i cant believe its been so long.... have been uploading photos onto FB instead.. cos its so much quicker there... but this still has its place.. aniwayz.. updates on the kiddos..

enzo's 3 and alonzo's almost 14 months old now.. the two boyz are getting along fine.. with minimal bullying.. (alonzo bullying enzo that is..)

Alonzo's been nothing but a GREAT baby... he has always slept well since he was a NB.. doesnt fuss over milk.. only thing is... he still has NO TEETH.. not that its a bad thing.. cos i totally enjoy his toothless grins... its juz so babyish.. i liiiiiiiiiike.. hehe.. i realli wish he could be a baby longer.. and guess GOD's answering my prayers.. he started walking and talking later than his bro.. on par with other babies... juz that his bro was alot more advance compared to his peers... i am totally enjoying every moment i have with alonzo.. he's realli lovable.. hehe.. he's going to start sch in abt 3 month's time... guess its not gonna be easy for him.. cos he's grown to be rather attached to the helper.. esp during bed time.. will have to let him cry it out and let him sleep on his own... 郭振宇,你行的!

enzo's having fun at school and learning lotsa new things everyday... he's very capable of holding a conversation.. sometimes, too much of a conversation.. or rather, an interview... why? why? why????? but its fun... his terrible 2 seems to have extended itself indefinately... recent trip to malacca, we were tempted to leave him there (however many times i say i will, i juz cant bring myself to do it).. aunty sarah and aunty lili witnessed the many episodes and guess they no longer think that he's cute too.. hahaha... oh well... that's enzo...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Enzo's first day @ N1..

I cant believe my son is actualli in Nursery 1!! He's like all grown up!!! He was realli realli excited.. excited to put on the uniform, excited when he got out of the car and saw his school, excited when he saw all the toys available in the class.. but NOT when he knew he had to be there alone!!! no mommy, no papa!!!

he cried a fair bit.. but much better than when he started in grace house... I'm realli glad.. will monitor again tmr!!! papa says to leave him and go... hmm...

so happy.. haha.. but that din last v long.. lol..

I rewarded him with a Thomas Set Dinner.. hehe.. he loved and empty his plate! mummy is happy.. :)
jelly for enzo and myself! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Enzo loves his didi... i knew he was passionate.. i was afraid of that jealousy thing.. but as yet.. its all been lovey dovey for them... not so much didi to enzo.. but enzo realli loves his alonzo.. first person he looks for... didi!!!! hug hug kiss kiss pat pat then off to his room to play... enzo has always made loving him so easy...

The Thomas Boys!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Enzo's a Star!!!!

I teared when i saw the Graduating kids.. they were realli impressive.. spoke very well.. even better than my kids in sch.. wonder how much of what they said do they understand, but they delivered it!!! Enzo's gonna go back there when he's in K1.. realli impressed.. :) the parents muz be realli proud of them.. as i were of enzo when he stood on stage.. doris said he dances well.. but i guess the crowd took something away from him... but i'm glad he enjoyed himself.. he was so happy.. :) i realli love my enzo...

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been jailed.. for abt 2 weeks now.. though i've been out a coupla times.. i did not realli enjoy myself.. i need to shop.. and online shopping no long satisfies my cravings... argh...

so i went to taka yesterday.. for the sanrio fair.. it was a disappointment too.. but guess what.. i bot shoes again.. keke.. realli love it.. a v warp shade of green.. but it looks damn good.. but.. I WILL NEED TO GO OUT B4 I CAN WEAR THEM RIGHT?? duh... sianz...

aniwayz.. my loots from the sanrio fair.. nothing to buy, yet i can spend more than $100.. but then again.. what's new ya.. keke...

a mommy from SMH led me to this.. editing of photos.. these are juz some of what i did in my v spare spare time.. hehe.. arent they lovely?? :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

SKII for babies...

Alonzo has bad skin.. rashes, peeling.. oh my oh my.. different babies do have different problems... but apart from that, he's a blast.. his eyes are opening up.. they realli do look bigger each day.. I'm happy to be his mommy.. :)

I am growing taller.. :)

Lao Ma came to visit..

Enzo too... hmm.. he's been having some mood swings... i dun think its because of his lil bro.. maybe its juz that terrible terrible 2.. he's loving sch, loving his doris.. but term's gonna end.. and he's gonna star in the year end concert!! i cant wait to see him on stage... keke...

Enzo loves cake.. and everytime he eats some, he has to have his all famous no2 candle one it.. this is like the most value for money thing we bot for his party.. hehe

"Happy birthday, Enzo!!"

washed and prepared this bouncer for Alonzo.. but who knows.. Enzo gor din allow it!! hmpf!!!

his fav past time now.. smiling for the cam.. and..
acting cool! keke

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello Alonzo..

It was early Friday morning.. we had to cx in at 6am so that i would be preped by 745.. well guess it was a desirable day to deliver, TMC was full of women waiting to be cut open.. so after admissions.. (a good start btw, nice number!) we were running a lil late... managed to get me to the OT and was knocked out before 8am... next thing i know, the tubby thingy was being pulled out of my throat and i was conscious.. pain was horrible.. had to change bed.. which makes pain worse!! anyhow.. Alonzo was born!!! 10/10/08 @ 0808hrs... thanx to experienced dr Woody and his team.. :)

so all, meet baby Alonzo.. :) 3155g and 50cm at birth.. longer and thinner than her Enzo gor.. :)

Enzo is happy to meet his lil didi.. :)

see.. how pretty the pillow is.. :)

small beady eyes.. :)